New figure pre-orders and manga website announcement

Welcome to OtakuHype, most of our regular customers are already aware of our new website and have since transferred over, thank you for supporting us, we love you all. If you are looking for the latest releases, head over to

Why have we made a new website you ask? There are many reasons, one being how OtakuHype was set up behind the scenes, there were areas in which we could improve on such as how we handled out of stock products, and heavily reduced the need of added plugins within the website. We wanted to offer international shipping for a long time which wasn’t possible with the current set up.

Another reason which will be coming soon (estimated May/June) will be our manga only website, having a manga only website has allowed us to lower prices further! We also noticed the vast majority of you purchased only manga and it wasn’t common for books and figures to be purchased together.
We are currently hard at work and will announce the new manga site in the coming months, we hope you like it!

OtakuHype won’t be going away, in June/July when the final pre-orders are settled* we will announce the new OtakuHype website

*There are a couple of pre-orders due after June/July, we will transfer those orders to AniFigz and contact you from both websites, there are only a few – this will also be the same for any delays.

Thank you all